The Engage Program

Engage partners with campus to transform teaching and learning by exploring, evaluating, and disseminating methods of good pedagogical and technological practice related to award program themes. The Adaptation and Innovation Award programs are organized around finding solutions to campus-identified teaching and learning challenges. The Engage award methodology includes team-based projects, communities of practice, and evaluation of the teaching and learning experience. Impact Awards provide small amounts of funding or time to implement ideas that have potential for a high impact on teaching and learning. Campus initiatives and the Engage Faculty Advisory Group guide Engage's work.

Engage is the only campus-wide program charged with exploring and evaluating technology-enhanced, pedagogically sound solutions to transdisciplinary teaching and learning challenges.

Engage projects align with the teaching mission of the university to “advance pedagogy” and to “provide an exemplary undergraduate education”; they also align with campus strategic priorities.

Engage has become a national leader in researching and reporting methods of good practice for both planning and implementing an innovative awards program with theme-specific pedagogies and technologies.

Engage has developed a focused approach to achieving systemic, widespread transformation, with the advice of a 5-member Faculty Advisory, and in support of Engage’s 5 Pillars:

  • Commitment to teaching excellence & innovation.
  • Importance of Teaching as Research and program/project evaluation.
  • Alignment with campus technology & teaching/learning initiatives.
  • Cross-campus, multi-disciplinary collaboration and partnerships to build and sustain campus communities.
  • Dissemination of methods of good practice.

Engage meets key campus teaching and learning needs. Assumptions underlying this work include:

  • Technology has the ability to transform teaching and learning;
  • Engage projects change the way classes are taught, and how students learn.
  • Programs are planned and topics selected with advice from the Engage Faculty Advisory Group who represent campus;
  • It is important to build a learning community during each program to support awardees in resolving teaching challenges and pursuing their “Teaching as Research” goals;
  • It is important to collaborate with instructional technology partners on campus before, during and after award programs;
  • It is important to have a cross-disciplinary mix of awardees and projects;
  • Each project will include a research question, and pre- and post- evaluations of the faculty and student experience;
  • Results of the studies as well as the evaluation instrument will be publicized on campus where many more instructors can use them;
  • To extend its impact, Engage funds multidisciplinary applications; partners with faculty, instructors and instructional support staff, and publishes project outcomes and methods of good practice for campus.