Completion Date: January 31, 2005

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Screenshot of the ConceptTutor

ConceptTutors are small HTML windows that open from existing webpages to teach concepts within context and at the time of need. We like to think of ConceptTutors as glossaries on steroids.  They support various media types (images, audio, and animations).  Their design is based on best practices for teaching concepts, which is accomplished by providing a concise definition followed by examples and non-examples, contextual information, and quizzing.

The ConceptTutor authoring program is a desktop application that uses XML, including the QTI specification from IMS, as an internal data model.  The application framework consists of a Flash users interface and Java server (running on the local machine).  SOAP is used to communicate between the Flash client and the Java server.  This tool runs on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Published ConceptTutors are generated using XSL to process the XML data to produce HTML documents.  Javascript allows for sophisticated question/response feedback.  Rich media support provides an interactive learning experience.