Group Project Framework

Completion Date: August 2004

Group Project Framework screen shotSummary
The Group Project Framework is used for collaborative, team-based projects. Students collaborate within teams to develop strategies, make choices based on pre-determined conditions, and analyze data.

This Group Project Framework was originally designed for the Valix Valley Virtual Dig project for an anthropology course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. By simulating the conditions of a real archeological dig site, students participate in a project that allows them to get a better sense of what anthropologists really do in the field. Students analyze maps, determine sample strategies, summarize their findings, and compare their work with other teams—all within a real-time, virtual environment.

An administrative tool allows instructors to create teams, enter and manipulate data, and control team progress. All team members must sign off on each step before the team can proceed, ensuring full group participation in the process.

The Group Project Framework can be used in conjunction with a course management system. It uses a Web Flash client, Flash Remoting, and a PHP/Postgres server. User accounts include roles for students and administrators/instructors. In the Valix Valley project, cohort, field crew, and user information is imported from the course management system.