Multimedia Annotator

Completion Date: December 2003

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SummaryScreenshot of the Multimedia Annotator
The Multimedia Annotator is an easy-to-use tool designed by and for language teachers to provide students with a variety of kinds of help as they view a video clip.

The Multimedia Annotator consists of a player, which is used by learners to get just-in-time help in understanding a video clip, and an authoring tool, which language instructors use to create custom players for use by their students.

The player shows the video clip, has navigational controls with the video parsed into sections, and help features that students can click on as they view the clip. The power of this player lies in the types of help that students can access: students listen to an alternate audio clip; read culture or grammar and vocabulary tips; slow-down the video; and turn on subtitles. All of this help pertains to just that part of the clip that the student is having problems understanding.

The multilingual authoring tool allows instructors to easily create custom players. Instructors can parse video clips into sections, associate different kinds of help with those sections, and set-up requirements for access to help.

First developed under the name Listening Assistant, the Multimedia Annotator was created by the T4 Foreign Languages Project in collaboration with College of Letters and Sciences faculty at UW-Madison. Programming was provided by Clotho Advanced Media, Inc.

The Multimedia Annotator Player is a Flash MX movie that allows the playback of video content encoded with the Sorensen Spark codec. Associated data is provided by an XML control file. It can function independently (as a pop-up) or as part of an HTML structure viewed with a web-browser. The Multimedia Annotator author is also a Flash MX movie. It is loaded by a Macromedia Director Projector, allowing for the creation and editing of the player's XML control files.