Completion Date: January 31, 2005

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screen view of QuizImageSummary
QuizImage gives instructors the ability to create interactive images, a good way to teach about ideas contained in visual representations. Interactive images can also give students a chance to test their understanding and recall of ideas. The images are useful for helping students learn visual skills like reading maps and graphs or finding visual metaphors in works of art.

The QuizImage authoring software is extremely easy to use; instructors can create a simple activity from an image in less than five minutes. With a little more time, detailed feedback and questions can be added to build a richer learning experience. The authoring software runs within a browser and creates an html file that contains the activity. This html page can be hyperlinked to existing web pages or created as a topic in the content area of Learn@UW.

The QuizImage project is pure Java application that can be run on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The QuizImage Builder is a Swing based GUI tool that is used to design and develop Quiz and Discover Lessons. Currently, it supports using .jpg and .gif image files.

The Lessons are generated by the Builder as Java Applets. Once generated the Lessons can be placed on a standalone Web server, integrated into an existing Web page, or run off the local filesystem. These Lessons can then be viewed in a variety of Web browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. Both the Builder and the Lessons require Java version 1.4.2 and above to run.