QuizVideo - BETA

Completion Date: August 1, 2007

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screen shot of QuizVideo interfaceQuizVideo is a tool educators can use to add interactive elements to Flash video files delivered from web sites and CD's or DVD's.

A timeline based authoring tool allows you to set time markers in a video file that trigger events such as pop-up questions with feedback, prompts for focusing attention and additional multimedia elements related to specific segments of a video clip. QuizVideo essentially enables you to transform passive viewing of video content into an interactive learning experience.

QuizVideo is an open-source desktop authoring tool that publishes Flash video learning objects.  It is available for both PC and Mac platforms.  The published interactive video objects are generally accessed by users from web pages in the form of a pop-up or embedded object.  Video files used within a QuizVideo learning object can be placed on a Flash streaming server or be progressively downloaded from any web server. All that is needed for authoring and playback of published QuizVideo learning objects is a current version of the Flash player, version 8 or higher.