Completion Date: June 2005
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SIMPLE logoSummary
The SIMPLE project will bring together a number of innovative projects to offer a feature rich, multimedia instructional authoring environment that promotes student learning and skill mastery through case studies.

Content for the SIMPLE project will promote student skill mastery in Communication Sciences & Disorders.  The activities are mapped to educational standards for this field and prepare students for professional certification in related career tracks (Speech Therapy, Communications Special Needs, Rehabilitation Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.).  Certified graduates will provide their expertise across the State of Wisconsin, in our schools, clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The SIMPLE project will bring together critical course content and technology tools/expertise.  This project will leverage resources from a FIPSE grant (P116B01062), an NSF educational outreach grant, and from SAKAI multi-institution funding in combination with existing DoIT Engage Innovation tools and funding to enhance work to date.

The Engage program will add the following functionality to the existing LessonBuilder 2.0 software tool for the SIMPLE prject:

  • Develop versions that will run on the desktop.
  • Add the ADL Co-Lab’s Visualizer to enhance the LessonBuilder 2.0 authoring tool.
  • Partner with UC-Davis to pilot a SCORM Run Time Environment (RTE) on the desktop to track student time on task per session and responses.
  • Expand the SCORM RTE to include reporting features for users and instructors based on XSL:
    • student time on task per session
    • total correct student responses and/or skill mastery level per session
    • each student’s session results to the instructor in a format that is easily interpreted
  • Include options to print and/or e-mail text responses (essay answers) to the instructor. 

    Current and future versions of these authoring tools will be released as public license (open source) software.