What Are Student Response Systems (Clickers)?

A Student Response System (SRS) is a wireless response system that allows faculty to request information and for students to respond by using a "clicker" or hand-held response pad to send his or her information to a receiver. When presented with a question, the student presses a button on a hand-held response pad or clicker, which sends either an infrared or radio signal to a receiver attached to a computer. The computer records and/or displays the response per the instructor's preference.

The Engage steering committee chose Student Response Systems as focus of award make innovative and emerging technology tools available to instructors across campus to transform teaching and learning practices in multiple disciplines and courses. Goals are to providing support and best practices for instructors, and to develop a campus-wide support model beyond the timeframe of the award program.

An objective of the project is to provide information about the needs for training and support for continued clicker use at UW-Madison. The pedagogical scope of Classroom Clicker awards will be on following and assessing the implementation of established Best Practices for clicker use. The support scope of the Classroom Clicker awards will be on assessing and documenting a model for the continued use of clickers beyond the awards program.