Teaching & Learning with Student Response Systems

Campus faculty and support staff spent the summer of 2006 evaluating a variety of student response systems. In summer 2009, the group met again and chose iClicker to be the recommended response system for UW-Madison. While instructors are still free to choose other systems, standardization on iClicker will mean there will be a clearer path for instructors and students who want to take advantage of the technology.

If you have decided to use iClicker, you might want to visit the Student Response System SIG Getting Started page.

The Community of Educational Technology Support (ComETS) at UW-Madison has a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Student Response Systems that has created a website to give support for faculty, students and support staff. You can join the Student Response System SIG or email the group for more information or questions.

The University of Wisconsin System awarded a grant to explore the potential of clickers and to assess its impact. They have compiled Best Practices with tips on effectively integrating and using clickers in the classroom. In addition, they have collected Students Reactions on the use of clickers, how it works for them, what they like about it and how the use of clickers could be improved.