TECGW Resources for Faculty

Road Map to Success

As part of the award, instructors were guided through the issues related to: forming teams; managing team dynamics; developing of good collaborative skills; and assessing group work. The Engage Pedagogy Team identified the following resources to be used by course instructors.

Facilitating Collaboration

The Methods of Good Practice identify the importance of preparing students for collaboration. Fostering healthy and functioning teams is an essential part of collaborative group work, and students need to be given the tools to develop these new skills. The following links provide information on team development.

Constructive and Destructive Group Behaviors

This document describes different types of constructive and destructive group behaviors. Sarah Miller and Janet Batzli, from the Biocore Program, used this document with their students. They encourage instructors to have an open conversation with students about these behaviors to help them focus on strengthening their constructive behaviors and addressing their destructive behaviors.

Facilitating Group Work Overview

This handout was developed by Engage staff and was given to all award participants. Based on a review of the literature, it guides instructors through: selecting the challenge; forming groups; teaching collaborative skills; communicating expectations; managing group performance; and assessing and grading the collaborative assignment.

Five Stages of Group Development

Developed by the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement at George Mason University, this article describes the five phases groups move through during a collaborative effort: forming; storming; norming; performing; and adjourning.

Team Policies and Expectations Agreement

This document includes a list of expectations and policies for group work and a form for students to create their own team policies and expectations agreement. This agreement provides students with a clear understanding of what is expected of them and each other.