DoIT for Others

AT consultant heads to Guyana to give back

By Vanessa Eisch
Engage Staff

Cheryl Diermyer presenting

Academic Technology (AT) consultant Cheryl Diermyer is changing lives one video at a time.

She's heading to the northern coast of South America this Sunday to create training videos with farmers in Guyana through the Partners of the Americas program.

"I've always thought that giving is an important part to living a good and complete life," Diermyer explains.

This will be Diermyer's second trip to work on humanitarian media production projects in less than a year. She visited Nicaragua last September to create videos on sustainable farming and good nutrition.

Her mission in Guyana is similar. She will create two videos focused on hydroponic gardening with the help of DoIT Digital Media Services who has agreed to create graphic animations for the video.

Although UW and Central America seem like worlds apart, Diermyer says her work with Partners of the Americas informs her work with DoIT in many ways.

"In addition to the simple importance of giving to others, humanitarian work has the potential to teach us to work better in diverse settings, make us better communicators, and inspire us to think more creatively."