What is Podcasting?

Capture their attention: hook, line and sinker

Podcasting is an Internet technology that educators can use to provide students with course materials they can use anytime, any place, even when they are not connected to a computer. You can use podcasting to deliver course content in audio, video, and/or graphic formats.

The term podcast implies the ability to deliver programs like other broadcast media but it has some significant differences and advantages:

  • Students can download podcasted programs view wherever they go, whenever they like.
  • New episodes of a podcast are automatically downloaded when students “subscribe”.
  • Instructors can limit the audience to students in their course.
  • Instructors can produce and publish their own podcasts.

For educational purposes, a podcast could be:

  • course audio files, e.g. bird calls or heart sounds
  • mini lessons with audio and visuals, eg., glossaries with sound and images, slides with voice-over explanations
  • audio or video case studies containing interview with experts or other speakers
  • multimedia presentations created by students

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