Evaluation of C'est la (Seconde) Vie!

Awardee:Tom Armbrecht
Team Members: Blaire Bundy, Cid Freitag, Dan Lavalley, Doug Worsham, Jasun Carr
Department: French and Italian

The following is a summary not of my Games and Simulations Phase III Project, "C'est la [Seconde] Vie," but rather of the effects that it has had on my teaching and research, which have been numerous. Although the goal of Phase III was to create software that could be used in the classroom (in my case a quiz bot and various activities within the SL platform), these "products" were not the only useful results of my project. The process of creating activities that would appeal to today's game-savvy students has made me rethink the design of non-computer-based classroom activities. I have also developed new ideas about using games in the classroom through networking and conference presentations about my simulation.
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