Evaluation of Got Ice Cream? A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Learning Tool

Awardee: Rich Hartel
Team Members: Jan Cheetham, Renee Schuh, Chris Blakesley
Department: Food Science

To meet the needs of today's ever-connected college students, in 2007 the Food Science
Department, in conjunction with DoIT's Engage (Simulations & Games) Group, developed a
videogame, Got Ice Cream?, to be used in introductory Food Science courses to familiarize students
with two fundamental principles – quality and sanitation. In the Got Ice Cream? video game, students
take on the avatar of a Food Scientist in charge of Quality Assurance and move through the virtual
Babcock Hall Dairy Plant. At each different stage of ice cream manufacturing, from raw material intake
to equipment cleaning, the students are challenged with tasks that need to be completed to earn points.

In general, research in assessment of videogaming as a designed learning experience, especially
in undergraduate education is seriously lacking. Through this UW Assessment Council grant we
planned, developed, and executed assessments of this innovative learning tool.
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