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The purpose of the evaluation for the Simulations and Games program is to:

  1. Provide evidence of how the Engage program transforms teaching and learning with technology on our campus
  2. Gather evidence of the student experience to inform instructional simulation and game design
  3. Measure the effectiveness of instructional games and simulations on student learning and motivation.
  4. Demonstrate how the effective use of simulations and games for learning align with campus directions and pedagogical frameworks.

In order to meet this purpose, Engage gathered data from awardees, students, and staff to measure the impact of the program on the UW-Madison campus. Evaluation methodologies include surveys, focus groups, and quasi-experimental studies.

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Projects from Round 1

This section includes the evaluation reports for Round 1 projects.

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Post Project Reviews

This section includes the Post Project Review (PPR) reports and associated awardee survey results for the Simulations and Games Program. PPR’s are intended to provide a means for DoIT project managers and team members to report successes and lessons learned during any significant DoIT project. The PPR process includes a survey and/or face-to-face meeting to gather feedback on and debrief a project. Results of the survey and face-to-face meeting are written up in a report sharing the successful strategies and common pitfalls in DoIT project management. Engage conducted a PPR for Phase II and Phase III of the Simulations and Games Program. Both PPR’s included a survey and face-to-face meeting with Engage staff and a survey of awardees.

October 2007

Simulations and Games Phase II Engage Staff PPR Report
Simulations and Games Phase II Awardee Survey Results

June 2008

Simulations and Games Phase III Engage Staff PPR Report
Simulations and Games Phase III Awardee Survey Results

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Community Events

To celebrate Round 1, share the collaborative work of Engage staff and faculty awardees, and introduce Round 2, Engage hosted Play@Pyle, a showcase of the 13 projects. We conducted a survey of attendees to gather feedback on the event.

Play@Pyle Follow-up Survey Results
Play@Pyle Feedback

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