Evaluation of JD-Consult: A virtual farm consultation

Awardees: Mike Collins, Jeannette McDonald
Team Members: Jan Cheetham, Elizabeth Harris
Department: Veterinary Medicine

In Spring of 2007, Dr. Michael Collins and Dr. Jeanette McDonald received an award to explore and evaluate the use of a virtual farm simulation to teach veterinary students cost-effective disease management for dairy farms struggling with Johne's Disease. Collins, from the School of Veterinary Medicine, is one of few worldwide experts on Johne's Disease, a chronic infectious cattle disease. Controlling Johne's disease
requires changes in herd management and diagnostics and the cost-benefit issues are complex and differ by farm. Due to the complex pathobiology and economic factors at play, experience is the best teacher. However, because Johne's Disease consultations are time-consuming and the effects of a new management plan cannot be determined for years after they are implemented, it is difficult to give students real world experience.
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