Evaluation of Melody Mixer

Awardee: Jamie Henke, Alan Ng
Team Members: Renee Schuh, Chris Blakesley
Department: Music

In the Spring of 2007, Dr. Jamie Henke and Alan Ng received an Engage
Innovation Award to design and build an interactive music game, Melody Mixer. Henke and Ng were looking for a way to provide students with more opportunity to experience musical concepts musically. Dr. Henke teaches an introductory music theory class that includes students with a range of musical ability, from no formal music experience to more than 10 years of formal music experience. Musicians use their instruments to experiment with music theory concepts, however, non-musician students have limited opportunities to experiment with an instrument. The goal in building Melody Mixer was to allow all students the opportunity to experiment with various musical instruments and receive immediate feedback by listening to the results. In addition, Melody Mixer is a fun and interactive supplement to the ear-training students receive in class.
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