Evaluation of Voice Games

Awardee: Nadine Connor, Lisa Vinney
Team Members: Les Howles, Jasun Carr
Department: Communicative Disorders

In the Spring of 2007, Professor Nadine Connor received an Engage Innovation Award to explore and evaluate the use of Raptivity commercial games and a simulation tool called Case Scenario Builder through the Engaging to Learn: Simulations and Games award program. Professor Connor was seeking an authentic way to prepare her students for careers in Speech and Language pathology through her course The Assessment and Management of Voice Disorders (Communicative Disorders 706). Case Scenario Builder was used to develop a series of CAPE-V simulations. A CAPE-V (Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of he Voice) is a common voice assessment method used by Speech and Language pathologists. In addition to the simulations, the Raptivity games were designed to reinforce learning of critical concepts and add enjoyment to the online learning experience.
The evaluation of the impact of these technologies on student learning and
engagement began in the Spring of 2008.Thirteen students enrolled in Professor
Nadine Connor's course, CD 706, in Spring of 2008 participated in a focus group
to provide feedback on the games and simulations they used in the course.
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