Critique It™

Awardee: Michael Connors
Team Members: Dan LaValley, Catherine Stephens
Department: Art

second life image

Professor Connors moved his virtual critique environment from Croquet to Second Life. He designed and

implemented a design gallery where students could explore a fellow student's work's genesis from research to thumbnails to selected sketches and the final work.  This leads to the critique and the Critique_It™ environment.

Critique_It™ deconstructs the critique process and provides a framework for online social critical discourse. Students final artworks are on the exterior walls. 

critique it second life design stages

In the central space, students move through the stages of the critique:  Protocol Review, Direct Observation / Spontaneous Response, Comparative Analysis, Formal Analysis, Artist's Statement, The Defense, and finally Revision if necessary.  Each stage has an alcove with instructions.  The student is generally directed to a wiki where he or she responds to an artwork within the context of that stage of the critique process.