Situated Learning Award Participants

Engage is implementing the Engage Adaptation Situated Learning: Case, Story, and Place Award during the 2012-2013 academic year to study the impact and processes around the use of situated learning activities in the classroom. Eleven faculty and instructional staff from schools and colleges across the campus were selected to participate in the award.

The following is a list of UW-Madison faculty and instructional staff who participated in the Engage Adaptation Situated Learning: Case, Story, and Place Award.

  • Thomas Armbrecht - Department of French and Italian, College of Letters and Science
    The Next Big Thing: Using Situated Documentaries to Enrich Student Understanding and Engagement with Historical Literature
  • Deborah Bebeau - Department of Kinesiology, School of Education
    Interprofessional Interactive Case Scenario
  • Randall Dunham - Department of Management and International Business, School of Business
    An Interactive Case: The Heartland Widget Corporation Goes to China
  • Yvette Egan - School of Nursing
    Why Worry About Blood Pressure?
  • Tim Frandy - Department of Scandinavian Studies, College of Letters and Science
    Utilizing ARIS Games to Design Community-orientated Situated Ethnographies
  • Casey Gallimore - School of Pharmacy
    Implementation of Multi-semester Interactive Patient Cases
  • Mary Hark - School of Human Ecology
    Understanding Place as Inspiration for Sustainable Design: Place, Paper, Product
  • Catherine Middlecamp - Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
    Sustainability - Walking the Talk,   view Sustainability Poster
  • Steven Oakes - School of Pharmacy
    Utilizing the Case Scenario/Critical Reader Builder to Create a Virtual Nonprescription Consultation with Older Adults
  • Sumona Saha - Department of Gastroenterology, School of Medicine and Public Health
    Situated Learning to Teach Gastroenterology
  • Kevin Wyne - Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health
    Physician Assistant Clinical Encounters (PACE)
  • Min-Chi Yan - Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education, School of Education
    Methods in Teaching Science and Social Studies for Students with Disabilitites