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Instructors can author learning objects to teach single concepts and link them to lessons that they are delivering on-line or they can assign students to use ConceptTutor Plus to illustrate a topic or concept as part of an assignment. 

A ConceptTutor Plus file can promote the learning of concepts through a tabular organizational structure, which can include the following units:

Definition: simple definition of the concept

Critical attributes:  salient features of the concept that help learners discriminate and discern differences between this and similar concepts.

Examples: written, pictorial, auditory, or animated expressions of the concept

Non-examples: written, pictorial, auditory, or animated representations that are not the concept, but are so closely related that they are often confused with the concept

Context: metaphor, elaboration, story, and visual diagrams that create connections between the concept and the learner’s prior knowledge

Self-Check:  simple quizzes to check the learner’s understanding of the concept

ConceptTutor Plus provides the instructor with the choice of how to organize their content and which of the units to include.