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Here are some examples of ConceptTutor Plus learning objects:

A tabular icebergAtmospheric sciences  
Dr. Steve Ackerman is using ConceptTutor Plus (and QuizImage) in his online lessons teaching students how to track icebergs using satellites. On this sample page, he's using the tool to teach students about tabular icebergs and ice shelves. Click here to view this sample page from Dr. Ackerman's lessons.

Flash movie from Chemiosmosis ConceptTutorMultimedia examples
ConceptTutor Plus can support many different types and combinations of media, including images, audio, and animations.  Here are three examples we created using a variety of media.  Click to learn more about the following concepts:  wasp, clave, and chemiosmosis.

Sims & Games IconSimulation and Game Typologies
This example shows the distinctions between three simulations and game typologies. It also provides links to concrete examples of each type, allowing the user to experience them first hand. Click here to view this example.