QuizImage 2.0

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Here are some examples of QuizImage in use:

Graph & Diagram Reading  
In many fields, the ability to read and interpret graphs and diagramatic representations of data is an important skill.  Click here to see a Quiz Lesson that tests understanding of a comparison of human and chimpanzee genomes.

Atmospheric Sciences
Dr. Steve Ackerman is using QuizImage (and ConceptTutor) in his online lessons teaching students how to track icebergs using satellites. On this sample page, he's using QuizImage to engage learners in an activity right away. They are being asked to spot an iceberg in the interactive satellite image. Click here to view this sample page from Dr. Ackerman's lessons.

Map Reading
QuizImages can provide opportunities to practice interpreting information in contained in maps.  Click here to see a Quiz Lesson based on a map that contains several types of data.  (Cid's map reading Quiz applet)

Vocabulary Practice
QuizImages are useful for teaching primarily verbal information such as foreign language vocabulary.  Click here to see a Discovery Lesson that contains a visual glossary of human anatomy in Quechua.