QuizImage 2.0

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QuizImages are interactive objects that teach ideas in a visual context.  These activities help students learn and practice visual thinking skills, such as reading maps and graphs and finding visual metaphors in works of art. 

QuizImages help learners in two ways:

  1. Integration of words, pictures and audio.  Cognitive research shows that picture-word combinations such as those in QuizImages help learners build connections between ideas (Mayer et al, 1995) and retain information longer than when presented as pictures or words alone (Haber and Myers, 1982).  The latest version of QuizImage (v 2.0) allows you to include audio as an even more effective method for supporting learning with visuals.

  2. Self-assessment.  QuizImages work as self-tests that let students measure their understanding of content. 

The QuizImage 2.0 authoring software is extremely easy to use:  instructors can create a simple activity from an image in less than five minutes.  With a little more time, detailed feedback and questions can be added to build a richer learning experience.  The authoring software runs in Java and creates an html file that contains the activity.  This html page can be hyperlinked to existing web pages or added as a topic to the content area of Learn@UW